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Neptune Seafood Restaurant 

Neptune Seafood Restaurant and Neptune Wonton Noodle has acquired fame for its gourmet specialty of abalone and seafood in the Greater Vancouver since their establishment in 1997 by the Neptune Restaurant Group.

Neptune Seafood Restaurant is a member of Commanderie des Cordons Bleu de France and has received various awards such as the Vancouver’s Top Ten Chinese Restaurant Award.

Based on the restaurant motto of “One taste and it becomes habit forming”, Neptune Seafood Restaurant is committed to serve the best Abalone and seafood from all over the world to satisfy loyal customers.

Neptune Seafood Restaurant ideally designs different theme menus to cater different festival needs. With these entire sophisticated signature gourmets plus other delicacies, Neptune Seafood Restaurant will never fail to please the most demanding palates.

Visit us and Indulge in our award-winning dim sum.

Experience our exquisite dinner menu.


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Check out our special promotions and special offers. During the holidays we offer various Chinese delicacy.